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Sometimes, you wonder.  My system isn't same as the guy next door or over the internet.  Why should my cooling solution should be?  What kind of options do I have that goes cooler, maybe quieter, maybe using less energy, maybe robust system with future potential load in mind...?

We are the solution for your need and want.  All you have to do is send in request for your idea, we will walk through with you on some possibilities, concepts, advises to get to know what you REALLY want and design a solution that suits your need best.

Our services offered includes repairing of used phase change unit that just isn't as performing as good as you would like (careful consideration of cost effectiveness must come into picture), benching unit where you can sacrifice on sound and energy efficiency, modification to our regular product line as you would like to see, or extremity of cooling solution that goes well into -100c range (cascade cooling system).

We have full capability to devise many unique solution and in house tools to fabricate necessary part as needed, and understanding of customer's need as well as want.  Most common materials are always stocked rigorously to make sure custom jobs can proceed at fast pace.  (however, unique compressor request can take up to 2 months to acquire as well as some very unique parts)

Generally, when all parts are available, single stage units tend to take 2-3 weeks for completion of work from time of payment.  More complex units require substantially more time for testing purposes as well as part purchasing process.  We will discuss the time frame at the time of quoting for job and try to give you as accurate quote as possible at the time of discussion.

Here are some sample work of unique custom jobs that has been performed in past.  You can use this as guideline for what you might be interested.


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